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Analytics BBS is an integrated platform including a forum, a social network, a training hub, a job board, a market place and an events planner. The platform is designed to promote data science, data and business analytics.


The membership is unified, which means a user can register the membership anywhere, then he can access any function on the website.

  • There is an option to become an instructor for the training courses. If you do not elect that option, and later want to become an instructor, you can register using the submenu “become a teacher” under training.
  • If you want to be a vendor in the market place, please register using the submenu “Vendor Registration” under Market Place.
Membership profile

As shown by the Figure above, the membership profiles include the following:

  1. Activity: This is similar to facebook, you can type your instant information here. You can also do it by clicking menu “social”.
  2. Profile: This shows you name and reward points you have been rewarded.
  3. Notifications: Any changes in your account will be notified here. “0” means no new notification.
  4. Messages:  This is like a messenger or email, you can exchange message with other members. “0” means no message.
  5. Friends:  Shows how many friends you have. “0” means no friends. To make friends, just click a member’s profile name, and send a friend request.
  6. Groups:  Shows how many and which groups you belong to. Click it, you may find a group invitation.
  7. Shop: This shows your shopping history and your order tracking information.
  8. Forums: This show the forums and topics you subscribed to,  topics you created, replies you did etc.
  9. My history: shows you history of being rewarded points. You will be rewards for any activities on the website.
  10. Settings:  Here you can change your password, and set your profile privacy.
  11. Media:  Here you can upload you album, photos, videos, even music.
  12. Courses, quizzes, and orders are for your online training courses. You may need to click the submenu “training profile” under menu training to get more information.

On the bottom right hand side corner, there is a public chat room you can use to chat with other members. Currently, the number concurrent members in the chat room is 10.

Market Place

Market place is provided to our members to sell stuff to other members and other potential customers. After you register as a vendor, you can use the Vendor Dashboard  to set up your store, and begin to sell goods. On each sale, Analytics BBS will retain 10% of the sale as a commission, and 90% the sale will be distributed back to the vendors.

Bulletin Board

Members can share any information using the forums. All the forums are preset by the administrator. You can create new topics and make replies.  If you want to be moderator of the forums, please send us an email, we will evaluate your application.

Social Network

Training hub

Job Board

Events Planner




This website is basically free unless you buy something from the market place.  Your donations will help the continuous maintenance and development of the website.  If you want to donate click the donate button below.


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